CCSWCD Long Range Plan 2005-2010

The Champaign County Soil & Water Conservation District (CCSWCD) is committed to finding ways to help people conserve, improve and sustain our natural resources and environment.

Champaign County is known as a leader in agricultural production because it possesses some of the most productive soils in the world.    In 2006, an average agriculture producer fed 144 people.  The Champaign County Soil & Water Conservation District is committed to the application of Conservation practices on land for the long-term sustainability of our natural resource use, while meeting the demands of food and fiber production.

In 2005, the Board of Directors updated our Long Range Plan to guide the District through 2010.  Priorities are based on land use changes, urban expansion, social, economic, and environmental conditions.  The new priorities are:


Water Quality Icon

Water Quality

The District believes clean water is one of the nation’s highest priorities. The District will develop a successful program to protect, improve, and enhance water resources.

Soil Erosion Control Icon

Soil Erosion Control

The District believes it is imperative to protect the soil resource from erosion so that we may continue producing adequate amounts of food and fiber for future generations.

Prime Farmland Protection Icon

Prime Farmland Protection

The District will continue to recognize and respect the rights and responsibilities of landowners in making private land use decisions. However, the district believes local units of government should utilize land use ordinances to bring about orderly urbanization with minimal loss of prime farmland.

Water Management Icon

Water Management

The District believes surface and subsurface drainage systems are an integral part of agricultural production and environmental quality in urban and agricultural areas.

Wildlife Habitat Icon

Wildlife Habitat

The District is committed to working with wildlife habitat groups to create, improve and enhance the quality and quantity of habitat.

Natural Resources Data, Public Information, & Participation

Education, Natural Resource Data, Public Information, & Participation

The District believes that all persons within the county should understand the importance of natural resources in relation to the availability of food and fiber, and consequently to their general standard of living and its’ relation to our well-being.